dimarts, 15 de novembre de 2016

Halloween art

  Halloween art project: Scary Trees
Both courses 3rd and 4th grade made Halloween scenes using
 watercolours and a straw. It’s easier than it seems! First, 
they painted the sky with warm colours (red, orange and 
yellow) and the ground. Then, they put a couple of drops of
 black paint in the middle of the landscape and blowed 
through the straw, creating the amazing sensation of a 
scary tree. They made a big effort!

Autumn art project: Hand Trees
The 4th grade pupils did the hand trees. They did it drawing 
the silhouette of their arm and hand on a brown cardboard, 
cutting it and sticking it on a white paper. Then, they put 
some paint on the top of their fingers and stamped it 
creating the treetop. Every tree  is different since they
 used the colours they wanted. They were really patient and
 the result is awesome!

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